Welcome to my work in media

Every facet of our daily life is saturated with media. From branding and marketing to creative expression through almost every medium known. I was fascinated with this and wanted to learn more about it, most of all to be a part of it and help create not just another piece media that gets ignored but art, something to be appreciated, for the hyper connected world that we live in. To do this I embarked on a crazy adventure, met people who would change my views on the world, people who ultimately opened me up to fully appreciate all of what humanity has to offer.

Graphic Design and Layout

I started my experience in graphic layout in Clarkson University where I was the Editor for the university newspaper, The Integrator, where I spent most Sundays butting together pages to be sent for print. Since then I never stopped dealing in layout and design, I built instore marketing material and sign for Lowes while I was employed for them as a Sales Specialist and put together material for a non-profit for some of their programs. Everything came full circle when I was working for The Republican-American newspaper in Waterbury, Connecticut. There I was tasked with designing complete separate, “special sections,” as they were called. These included Health Matters, written by the local chamber of commerce, Homestyle, a section devoted to DIY home projects, and the Reader’s Choice Awards, the first edition where businesses competed for bragging rights and is still a popular badge to have on your front door. Below are some samples of the work that I have completed.