About me

As a vital member of a small team, I go beyond the typical responsibilities of a standard technical writer. This proactive approach has significantly enhanced the usability of the documentation I contribute to. By actively participating in brainstorming sessions and design reviews for new equipment, I ensure that I can write with optimal efficiency. My involvement throughout the product lifecycle chain includes reaching out to assemblers, allowing me to craft retrofit documentation that is more effective. Collaborating with field technicians enables me to tailor service manuals to their specific skill levels, while working closely with our compliance team ensures a focus on safety in my writing. These experiences and efforts have empowered me to create materials that contribute to increased equipment shipments, instill confidence in technicians working with new equipment, and prioritize safety for equipment operators through effective documentation.

All shared information below has been released and is publicly available.

User or operator manuals serve as the cornerstone of customer-facing documentation, comprising the largest and most essential segment of publicly facing work

User Manuals

I spearheaded an initiative to establish a consistent theme across the manuals for various packaging divisions during a brand consolidation at Intertape Polymer Group.

User Manual UA 262024-SB Custom

By leveraging my experience with engineering software as well as Adobe products, I am able to create clean and very clear instructions to minimize any confusion.

User Manual WAT Top Tape Head 24v

Service Manuals

Maximizing equipment uptime is crucial for any business. Given the potential scheduling constraints of service personnel, the importance of providing clear documents with straightforward troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and basic component replacement instructions cannot be overstated. Empowering customers with the ability to self-repair machinery not only preserves their operational continuity but also minimizes potential losses.

Additionally, these documents play a pivotal role in introducing and orienting new service technicians before they undergo formal training sessions.

Instructional and Other Documentation

Set-up manuals, retrofit instructions, and creating forms have all been vital supporting existing business and helping drive new sales.